Florence is the home of the Renaissance, of the classical MASTERS for crying out loud. Everywhere you turn, your jaw drops in awe over the sheer magnificence of masterpieces that are still standing, centuries later. And, there is not a shortage of museums – like the Uffizi – that house them, intact.

We are very proud of Florence as the Queen of fine arts. But we miss the contemporary research and attitude travellers like us would experience in more “modern” cities, and we sometimes just want to see a dot in the middle of a blank canvas at some hipster art studio, you know?

So we are happy to introduce our very recent contemporary scene, taking place mostly in our precious and less known neighborhoods, full of cute, funky boutiques with hand-made jewelry and shoes, trendy bars and original restaurants.

Here are our contemporary recommendations in terms of Food!


Osteria Personale


The Chef Matteo Fantini: “I love the San Frediano area, its shops and craftsmen: here you can still breathe in the old Florence. Among wood panelled ceilings abnd brick walls of what once was a deli store, my idea of Osteria Personale was born: seasonal and regional products, blended together in our cuisine with a spirit of renewed tradtion:”

A contemporary menu based on traditional recepies with local ingredients, in a cosy yet modern setting in the most lively area of Florence city centre.

CuCo- Cucina Contemporanea


CuCo- Cucina Contemporanea is a combination of traditional ingredients with a modern touch, in a modern and bright space with 5 tables only for a quiet and intimate stop in the hectic market area. Open for lunch and dinner, it also hosts temporary exhibitions, and has a cosy little gift corner with odd and funny objects.

Via del Melarancio 4/r tel 347 5217260

Cacio Vino Trallalà


Cacio Vino Trallallà has been conceived as a meeting point for open minds and curious palates, a place for “culinary experimentation” and tongue-in-cheek philosophy.

Great address in the touristy and posh Tornabuoni area!

Ora D’Aria


Ora d’Aria”, or “Hour of Air”, refers to the hour each day that inmates were given to exercise outdoors while ‘guests’ at the prison opposite our restaurant’s first location. It now refers to time spent here by you, where we give our all to ensure a unique mix of tradition, innovation and elegance created by one of Italy’s leading chefs (Marco Stabile) and his passionate team (whose last major accolade was the appointment of a much-awaited and coveted Michelin star in December 2011).

Our aim is simple – to combine the integrity, depth and quality of Italian cooking with a belief in its continuous evolution. We believe that the key to standing the test of time is to never stand still. Furthermore, the historic context provided by our extraordinary city perhaps offers us an almost unique gift – the opportunity to remain young at heart for years to come.

La Piazza del Vino


The wine is king in La Piazza del Vino. Cuisine ranging from northern to southern Italy with lots of food and wine pairings to try.

A wine list with more ‘than 200 companies and a fountain of wine glasses brooch of great wines at affordable prices for everyone.

New Yorker atmosphere according to many, stone walls, scaffolding and crates of wine that wins the view, friendliness and cheerfulness from the staff for this new Florentine space that filled a void that had lasted for some time in the city.


Libreria Brac


A library devoted to contemporary arts, voted to action and consumption of art and food.

Languages ​​and fragrances coexist within the BRAC, where natural functions of everyday life spontaneously happen: feeding with food and information, production of ideas and experiences that enhance knowledge and sensitivity.
The BRAC opens its libraries and its own kitchen to recognize, enhance and appreciate the great values ​​that art has produced and continues to produce, not to offend them.

Few steps from Santa Croce square.



Amble Opens in Florence in a cozy space in the city center but away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded streets typical of contemporary cities.

it is nestled away from the noise, in a square enclosed by the buildings that divide for only a few meters from the embankment.

An environment designed as a living room in which to eat and shop at the same time, from the furniture, chairs, tables, sofas, up to the porcelain cups with which you are sipping a cup of tea or herbal tea, lime blossom and ginseng.

Few steps from Ponte Vecchio.