Claudio Nardi and “The first 24 hours…” exhibition

The first 24 hours after the catastrophe … is the title of the exhibition project that Studio C2 presents to start the new season 2013-2014 .

A few days before the opening of Unstable Territories exhibition at the Strozzina ,the instability of the planet due to continuous disasters , natural or man-made disasters such as tsunami , floods , floods , earthquakes, fires, droughts , is the theme of the new project that architect Claudio Nardi and artist Antonio Lo Pinto present in the form of a huge installation of a refuge at the Space C2.

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The first 24 hours … after the disaster when aid is still slow in coming , when everything around is destruction and desolation , when cell phones do not work and communications are disrupted, when we can only rely on the help of our hands and the will to survive and create a shelter with makeshift materials gathered around us to spend the first night … after the catastrophe : would we, contemporary men in a state of emergency, know what and how to do ?
A reflection on the contemporary dimension of our life in the light of the continuous natural disasters that strike our planet, without making any distinction between rich and poor.

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C2 – Via Ugo Foscolo 6 Florence
Thursday Oct 17th 2013 @ 6.30