Dining in a silver fairytale....

Dining in a silver fairytale….

We can’t help sharing this amazing place we had the pleasure to experience just yesterday…IN FABBRICA!

What you see from the road (Via del Gelsomino 99, Piazzale Michelangelo area) is a huge bright object somehow looking like 2 silver twisted snakes…


Then you step into the shopdoor to find yourself in another time, smelling perfumes of old workshops, dim lights, ancient showcases with hundreds of fine beautiful silver jewels and houseware, when a polite man invites you to follow him through the machinery…


…up to the lunch factory room which turns at night in a cosy quirky fancy restaurant, with only 5 tables plus a big central wooden one, vintage chairs, strange lighthting, huge silver candelabra with real and warm trembling flames and a lovely terrace for summertime outdoor dining…


The food runs on 2 different menus, an Italian one (named Communist!) and a Japanese one (Sushi and similaria), we tried  some Italian dishes (tortelloni, congilio and filetto) and they were really excellent and decently priced! The atmosphere is nice and warm, with a surreal touch given by the 2 waiters (who work as workmen during the day), and who move around almost performing an oximoron: one is sweet and smiling in his white livery, the other is massive and serious in his military uniform:

IN FABBRICA waiter operaio 2          IN FABBRICA waiter operaio


All of this was already enough to make this place somewhere curious and funny where to dine in Florence, but to me (in love with vintage potware and silverware) the biggest pleasure was to be able to eat with breathtaking cutlery that made me feel like an ancient princess…from the forks, to the water and wine jugs, to the coffee pot, whatever they brought on our table was followed by our “wows”, it was simply faboulous!
Forgive the quality of my pics but this is just to give you an idea (as their site is pretty simple!):

IN FABBRICA ali in fabbrica ali 2 in fabbrica ali 3

Please don’t miss this little jewel!


Further info & reservation: http://www.pampaloni.com/restaurant/