Fosso Bandito…our new neighbour!

Florence is experiencing an amazing rebirth in the last few years, all the little corners are getting nicer and cleaner and more welcoming!

Just across the river where the good old Central Park Discoteque used to be (ohhh sweet memories) a very nice multifunctional area has been created.

fosso terrazza

It is called Fosso Bandito and it offers a quiet and refreshing spot where to sit for an ice-cream overlooking the brand new and beautiful Opera Theater.


In a bright and green setting it offers a 16 hours long service, from 8 am till 1 am everyday, with bar, restaurant, pizza, artisanal ice-cream, bike and skates rental, kids playground.

Immagini 269

Very easy to be reached from Riva Lofts it is perfect for a stop and/or snack while going back and forth or to let your kids play a while after a museum  day!

bimbi fosso

Decor detail: they have a lovely Fosso branded ceramic set representing the cascine Park main elements, such as the Pyramid, the Indian (giving the name to the red bridge), the trees, the bikes and so on!

tazze fosso

Check it out and let us know!