Discover the Cascine Park!

The Cascine park is the main green area in town, it is a heritage of the Medici Family nd it is just a few steps away from your Studio!

pianta cascine

The last member of the Medici Family,  Anna Maria Luisa in 1737  had to leave everything in the hands of the Lorena Family, the new powerful dynasty,  but she obtained that all of the cultural and artistic inheritance of her family had to remain for a public usage of Florentines. Her wish was actually made true by another woman, Elisa Baciocchi, which fostered a number of preservative interventions, and the park was finally acquired by the Municipality of Florence in 1869.


A number of meadows of different extension, sometimes limited by wooded areas, are situated in the park: their names are Tinaiadel Quercionedelle Cornacchie. Other smaller meadows are situated within gardens or squares. The total number of trees situated in the park is about 19.000.

arno cascine

Centuries-old English oaks, elms, maples and ashes are slowly being replaced by spontaneous vegetation, represented byacacias, trees of heaven, elders, ivy, pines and nettle trees.

The strength and luxuriance of plants show the fecundity of soil and the presence of a good water reserve, communicating with the Arno bed. Long hedges, selected to resist to dryness and to shady positions, are present everywhere in the park (their overall length is about 30 km).


The central part of the park is characterised by a monumental complex, situated in Piazzale delle Cascine, dominated by the Palazzina Reale, and its bordering areas, including Piazzale Kennedy with its circular fountain.

The Piazza Vittorio Veneto, with the Vittorio Emanuele II bronze statue, represents the monumental entrance of the park. The statue was once situated in the centre of Florence, Piazza della Repubblica, and was moved in the actual position in 1932. The square, along with the bordering Giardino della Catena, is decorated with impressive trees (pines, plane trees, Ginkgo Biloba, oaks, horse cheastnuts and cedars). This variety of species gives to the area the autumn colourfulness typical ofItalian style gardens.

The park hosts a number of civil and sport infrastructures, such as tennis and football fields, a velodrome, shooting and archery fields, two hippodromes, a public swimming pool, the School of Air War, a visiting centre, police offices, the Faculty of Agronomy and a public school.

Since 2010 the Line T1 of the tramway of Florence has a stop in the park, in Viale degli Olmi, which improves accessibility in the area for visitors arriving from the city centre (Stazione SMN) or from Scandicci.

During summertime many shows take place in the old Anfiteatro, such as concerts and theater shows, a few years ago Radiohead played in the park…and amazing experience!


If you want to discover more about the park refer to the new “CENTRO VISITE PARCO” (site only in italian at the moment mpf!)

The staff will provide maps and direction to discover all the little stories and curiosities and they also organize guided visits.