Claudio Nardi and the ideal “traveller” he made Riva Lofts for….

The passionate and curious “traveler”, often demands with the arrogance and impatience of a child,  to find the places he visits corresponding to his beautiful, poetic, and often unreal imagination.The sites are now made of the same substance as books, they ask a lot of imagination to the visitor, the ability to see what is hidden and not to see, to phisically remove from the retina, all that overwhelms and overpowers, just like the too many off-key things and harsh voices.

The traveler who does not like his peers, especially tourists-tourists, those who are distracted, hurried, bored, inexplicably involuntary, but unfortunately they are so many that drive him away, then he looks for a nest, he holes up in a small charming hotel instead of exploring, and maybe only comes out at night in search of the same places, who are finally abandoned, exhausted, drained.

He, who oftenthinks not to return, or at times, to return only when the season turns off!

The traveler looking for excitement and knowledge, with no other purpose, not taking photos, not telling it at home, not the routine (amazing how the routine has taken possession of a territory so seemingly incompatible with it).

The traveler who belongs to a minority and should be protected, perhaps penalizing a bit its antagonist (the tourist-tourist), maybe inviting him to a conversion.

We can accept that a city, which is not only beautiful and historical but also alive, can have flaws and chaos as it is made of many indispensable layers, but an economic system that is all projected towards the tourist-tourist does not make any good to the city, to business, to beauty and even, in the end, to the tourist-tourist.

We dream of a future trade of online memory units (trip-wire clips) of wonderful visits, exciting as they had been really lived, but with no sweat, travel, gas, stale pizza, shorts, shouting, or tour guides flags dotting the city, as it was the case in Bigelow’s film Strange Days…

And thus we dream the city could return to those who desire it, to those who want to woo, without haste, without the certainty that will have it.

Our blog project,  is to mantain the enduring search of the traveller, surprising it with our view on Florence, through our taste, guidance and experience.


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